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What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins have launched their new product Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) 2.0. Before we dive into the blueprint overview of all the new knowledge broker modules, let’s check the new content and improvements added in the KBBcourse 2.0.

What is new about KBBCourse.com

In KBB 2.0 coverage of Facebook ads and Youtube ads have been added. Facebook and Youtube are among the platforms with the highest online traffic. Mastering the use of their ads system is a great way to direct many people toward your landing page.

Mastering social media strategies and tactics are an integral part of every modern business nowadays. In KBB 2.0 you will learn how to use social media to your advantage. With the copywriting skills taught, you will become more effective in creating awareness for your brand and increase your sales as well. It is important to have die-hard followers of your event, who love to spread the word and promote your events to others. They will promote your business online and in the real world just because they want others to share their enthusiasm. You will learn how to create your first 100 die-hard followers.

Podcasts have increased in popularity and are a useful tool to create brand awareness, promote your event, create a connection with potential clients, and spread teasers of your knowledge. That’s why you’ll learn how to make a successful podcast.

Finally, the course will teach you how to launch your ( first) event and make your first sale to put it all in motion.

With all the new content added in KBBCourse 2.0, the training has expanded from 4 modules to 6 modules.

New features of the Mindmint Software

To keep improving your chances of success Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins also integrated some very nice new features into the Mindmint Software. Which new additions are now part of the Mindmint Software?

You can now receive payments from Paypal and Stripe. Set up your payment account at the account level. Link all payments of future events towards your main account. No need for setting up new accounts for every new event.To increase consistency and branding you can now set up custom domains, which is a handy new tool.Templates have become much more flexible through customization options, and can even be created by yourself. This new feature gives much more flexibility when setting up your landing page.Improvements in the CRM make it possible now to see full lists of your attendees with several filters like name, phone number, and email to quickly find your attendees.Data analysis can now be run over current and historical data. Giving more insight into your results on account and event level.

Module 1

The first module is all about working towards a successful mindset. All the people who achieved success started with the right mindset. By conditioning the mind and body, you will take control over yourself. With control over yourself, you can decide the direction your life and career will take.

The skill to use transformational vocabulary is developed by Tony Robbins. By using certain words consistently to amplify your positive emotions and diminish your negative emotions you can form a more positive and successful mindset.

With the right mindset, it becomes a lot easier to develop new habits to pursue and achieve the success you aim for. Every one of us has habits that are detrimental to our success. Even if you know which habits block your chances of success, it can be hard to erase them and put new habits in place. During the first module, you will identify bad habits, take these habits down, and replace them with habits that will boost your success.

Now that you know how to control and positively influence your mind, body, and habits it is time for a bonus skill at the end of the first module. Prepare yourself for every sales call, pitch, or business meeting with 8 essential questions to nail any conversation with decision-makers.

Module 2

With the right mindset of success in place after the first module, it is time to identify the clients you should aim for. By specifying the exact niche you will bring to your clients, you can focus on your target clients.

Developing your skills is absolutely essential if you want to become more successful. Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins have an amazing skill set to achieve business success. They will teach you all the tools and skills they utilize themselves to become more capable.

You will learn how to tell stories and especially how to make your stories so powerful that you are able to influence others. Another essential skill is knowing what NOT to do. We get caught up in matters that are not important or even detrimental to our business. You will become much more effective when you don’t spend time on unimportant matters. By putting the spotlight on the focus areas you will boost your effectiveness even more. You will be amazed by how effective you can become when deploying the right tactics. It gives you the power to create a loop of success that becomes increasingly powerful until it is unstoppable.

All the skills you will learn help towards becoming an incredibly efficient and effective person. You will know exactly where to go, and how to get there.

Module 3

You already developed yourself as a person and have a full skillset at your service to utilize. Now you have to master your marketing process. You learn how to build the perfect funnel. How to skyrocket the conversion rate of your events with your website. A great landing page that will guide your prospects through a perfect customer journey makes all the difference to transform traffic into sales. Perfect the application and order process. Do not lose your clients because of messy processes that make them quit. After this module, you can optimize your marketing strategy and process.

To make a big success of any event you launch Dean and Tony will share some secrets for marketing your launch to perfection.

Module 4

Your website is ready to sell like crazy but you need to generate traffic to convert them into sales. You don’t want just any random traffic of course. You want people to go to your website to buy event tickets because they are intrigued and triggered by what they read about your event.

You will learn where to find your clients and how to trigger them to visit your landing page. By using social media ads and Youtube ads you can reach an enormous group of potential clients. But you have to do it in the right way, otherwise, you just waste money trying to market yourself on Facebook and Youtube.

Rachel Miller will set the stage to gather your first 100 fans that can’t stop talking about you and your events. These 100 promoters of your personal brand will be a great starting point to spread the awareness of your events through the society. You will learn how to build a strong foundation, gain momentum and enjoy your first amazing fanbase.

Module 5

You are ready, your event sold out, now is the moment to deliver to your clients. Run an amazing event and create even more momentum.

You will get full insight into the mastermind formula. Moreover, you will learn how to apply the formula and the psychology behind the formula.

There are many things to take care of when you want to run a great virtual event. During this lesson, you will learn how to become a master in the art of virtual events and how to run them with Zoom.

Of course, real-life events will receive a lot of attention during this module as well. Preparation is the key to running a successful event and will take away most of the stress on the day itself. Proper communication with your community to make them excited and well informed will create pre-excitement even before the event started. What kind of location to choose and how to manage the logistics will make everything run much smoother if well prepared. In the end, Dean will come by to thank all the attendees of the module.

Module 6

You know how to set up, market sell and run an amazing event by now. So what is left? In the last module, you will learn about the responsibilities and challenges of being a knowledge consultant. You have the power to influence the lives of many people in a positive way. This power is amazing and you should know how to manage it and become successful in the long run. This superpower will influence you as well. How do you keep both feet on the ground and use the impact on yourself in a positive way?

With power comes responsibility.

You will learn which strategies you can apply to keep your group of followers and fans growing. How to impact the lives of your audience longer than during the event itself. How to make them come back for more, with new events that will go even one step further and one dive deeper than the former event.






What is a Mastermind Group?

Great things happen when humans put their minds together and push each other to achieve greater heights. When humans come together, they can build skyscrapers, create democracy, and win championships. It seems that when it comes to the success and greatness of humankind, we simply operate better as a group, rather than alone.

This is the heart and soul behind the concept of a Mastermind Group. It was in 1937 that famous writer Napoleon Hill wrote his classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. This book spoke about the benefits of a ‘master mind’. The general concept was that no two individuals could come together for a purpose, without creating a third ‘force’ from their thoughts. A sort of third ‘mind’ that evolves from the combination of their focused efforts.

This idea has carried over into many aspects of corporate, and team building thought processes over the years. There is an undeniable benefit that comes from gathering a group of like-minded individuals together to achieve a united purpose. In a Mastermind Group, each member will propose ideas, play devil’s advocate, support, and hold accountable the other members of the Mastermind Group. In the Mastermind Group, each member’s participation is absolutely crucial to the success of the group.

The fundamental concepts that are built around the Mastermind Group method of team building and problem-solving can be found in a wide range of operations. From corporate offices to professional sports teams and artistic conglomerates. Whether they realize it or not, humans have a natural tendency to come together and help make each other better through various methods of brainstorming, and idea-sharing. This is the Mastermind Group idea.

What Can You Expect to Get Out of a Mastermind Group?

The benefits of assembling a Mastermind Group for your projects and team can be numerous. When every member of the Mastermind Group participates to their fullest ability, you can expect to glean a lot from the conglomerate. Just a few of the main benefits you will find from forming a Mastermind group are:

An instantaneous, and stable support network of individuals who all care about the success of the greater whole.Access to the skills, and experience of other individuals in the group instantly, and effectively. Enforced confidence in your ideas, solutions, and concepts being proposed to the group. Accountability from a group effort that will keep you on track, and focused on your goals in your personal life, as well as your professional life. A sense of belonging, the Mastermind Group will help you realize that there are others who share your same goals and desires. Help in creating, and designing things the way you want them. Your goals and ideas will be more easily realized with a Mastermind Group behind them. An increased, and positive boost to your overall mental health when tackling difficult solutions and ideas.

When everyone in the Mastermind Group comes together to do their part, everyone within the group should be receiving all of the above-mentioned benefits. However, there should still be some amount of care placed into who is in the group, not just the ultimate goal. Which leads us to the next step in the process of assembling a successful Mastermind Group.

What Type of Person Can Benefit From a Mastermind Group?

The bottom line is, anyone with a goal to achieve can draw benefits from being involved in a Mastermind Group. Whether you are a first time writer, a tech entrepreneur, or a real estate investor you will be able to find a host of benefits from a group of like-minded individuals who can help you succeed. The successful Mastermind Group will open itself up to members who are:

Goal-oriented, and willing to help others to achieve their goals in turn. Have similar interests as the rest of the group as a whole. Have a desire to inspire, and draw inspiration from their fellow group members. Take advantage of the unique support system that a Mastermind Group will offer. Have a genuine desire to exceed, and accomplish the goals they have established upon joining the group. Are fearless in their pursuit of success, and do not let obstacles stand in the way of achieving their goals. Do not fear change, and are willing to open themselves up to the change, adaptability, and proposed ideas of the group.

At the end of the day, a successful Mastermind Group will draw success from other individuals who all have the same mindset. If there are ‘weak links’ in the group, you will not be drawing the full potential from the group forth. Instead, you will find that the success of the group is severely hampered. It is important that the Facilitator of the group (the member entrusted with assembling and targeting the focus of the group as a whole), chooses members who are all committed to excellence, and full enthusiastic participation.

How Does a Mastermind Group Operate?

Modern technology has made the formation of a Mastermind Group even easier than ever. Whereas, pre-digital age, Mastermind Groups would be limited to individuals in their immediate geographic area. Now a Mastermind Group can be formed across borders quite easily. Mastermind Groups can take advantage of a wide range of digital solutions to hold their meetings. They can be hosted via video conference calls, mobile messaging apps, social media groups, and more.

The Facilitator of the group will be expected to compile a meeting agenda, in which everyone will have the chance to voice ideas, concerns, provide feedback, and constructive criticism. The agenda of the meetings should have a focus on keeping thoughts, and ideas organized, and not allow things to go too far off-topic.

By the very nature of a Mastermind Group, the success of failure of group meetings depends solely on the participation of its members. This is why it is imperative that the Facilitator only choose individuals who have a willingness to contribute to the group in their own unique ways. The rest is ultimately left up to the group and how they prefer to organize themselves.

A successful Mastermind Group will be able to bring out the best of its participants. It will help to focus and target the goals of each member, as well as provide valuable feedback and ideas to help achieve their goals. In the end, a Mastermind Group should always be for the benefit of everyone involved, and help to produce success for everyone.